Neck pain is the feeling of spasms and sharp pains around the neck muscles especially when rotating the neck.

  • Neck Pain can cause discomfort while laying down
  • Can cause pins and needles or numbness down one or both arms
  • Can be very painful

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain is usually a result of a trauma, injury or fall which cause one of the neck vertebras to become misaligned and pinch a nerve.

How Think Chiropractic can help?

  • A short term temporary relief from neck pain is medications such as pain killers.
  • At Think Chiropractic we can provide a thorough chiropractic analysis and x-rays.

If Left Untreated

  • If ignored neck pains may eventually result in pins and needles or numbness down one or both arms.
  • The uneven stress on the vertebra may begin to create wear and tear and may eventually require surgery.

If the pain continues for more than a week we recommend seeing a chiropractor. Call us now on (03) 9799 3553 or you can visit us today at 1 Delacombe Drive, Hampton Park, VIC 3976, Australia