Sub occipital are a group of muscles on each side of the back of the neck just below the base of the skull.

Sub occipital headaches are a dull pain which can extend from the back of the neck up the side of the head to the back of the eyes and include symptoms of:

  • Dull, constant headache that lasts throughout the day and may continue for numerous days.
  • Creates problems with concentration.
  • Less noticeable when you are active or busy
  • May have light-headedness or dizziness in some cases.

What Cause Sub-Occipital Headaches?

The sub occipital muscles control the turning and tilting of your head. These headaches are often caused:

  • The position in which you sleep and the height of your pillow.
  • Using your shoulder to hold a phone to your ear.
  • Laying on your stomach with your arms holding your head up.
  • They can also be caused by trauma such as hits to the head, car accidents and falling onto hard floors.

How Think Chiropractic Can Help?

  • Sub-occipital headaches are hard to relieve on your own but sometimes hydration and medication can help.
  • Being active and keeping busy help reduce the dull headache.

If Left Untreated

  • If left untreated, sub-occipital headaches become more frequent and last longer. Sometimes 4-6 days at a time. They are a constant pain lasting all day.
  • Other problems may include pain during neck rotation, or strong pulling muscular pain under the base of the skull.

Sub-occipital headaches can be relieved with quick results (within hours) by a chiropractor once the exact cause is found. Call us now on (03) 9799 3553 or you can visit us today at 1 Delacombe Drive, Hampton Park, VIC 3976, Australia