The lower section of the spine called the lumbar spine, it is made up of five vertebrae (a series of small bones which form the backbone) when they misalign it is referred to as lumbar misalignment or a pinched nerve.

Pain varies in intensity from local pain to very sharp pain which causes inflammation and pressure in the disc and on the neighbouring spinal nerve – which can result in – sciatica.

Initially the early stages of lumbar misalignment may include:

  • Sudden Pain After or During Sitting
  • Pain When Bending Forwards
  • And Lower Back Pain While Walking

Without precautionary measures during the early stages the pain could develop to symptoms which include:

  • Pain of Sciatica (shooting pain from the thigh to downward towards leg)
  • Sudden pain while sneezing or on cough.
  • Shooting pain on movement of body parts
  • Severe pain in the back which causes you to stand hunched or with your back bent.

What Causes Lumbar Misalignment?

Lumbar misalignment can be caused by simple, everyday actions such as:

  • By Lifting Heavy Items like Furniture, Machinery etc
  • Falling down or Trauma
  • Bad Posture

How Think Chiropractic Can Help?

  • If you are unable to seek medical assistance, you can get temporary relief by walking and attempting some gentle activities.
  • In order to minimise the time it takes for your body to heal seek professional advice.

If Left Untreated?

  • Will gradually get worse and become more painful.
  • The pain may start travelling down the leg and cause pins & needles or numbness.
  • May start effecting your hobbies and daily activities.
  • Will cause more stress on the lumbar discs causing wear and tear (osteoarthritis) eventually causing a disc ‘blow out’ or disc protrusion, prolapsed or bludge.
  • The longer the condition is left untreated, the harder it is to fix. This often results in more visits and a higher final treatment cost
  • Eventually leading to permanent damage, which may then result in spinal surgery

At Think Chiropractic we provide a specific examination and use x-rays to locate the exact vertebra that is misaligned and causing the pinched nerve. We then provide an adjustment to correct the problem. Call us now on (03) 9799 3553 or you can visit us today at 1 Delacombe Drive, Hampton Park, VIC 3976, Australia